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What is Chipping in Golf

What is Chipping in Golf

What is Chipping in Golf

Top golfers in the world are masters at getting up and down in two shots from around the green using golf chipping technique. Chipping style in golf is relatively easy technique to master, but beginners may ask: what is chipping in golf?

A chip shot is meant to “loft” the ball above the longer grass or from the fringe of the green, such that the ball rolls gently onto the putting green. The entire aim of chipping is to let the ball reach as close to the hole as possible. In fact, many top golfers try to sink the ball in the putting cup with their chipping shot! In fact, they address the all with the putting grip and get frustrated if the ball doesn’t hole in!

Everything About Chipping In Golf

Chipping technique in golf is relatively easy because the distance involved is relatively less. Still we find that many golfers struggle hard with their chipping technique. The best way to start practicing chipping is to try all the chipping shots with all the clubs that are inside the golf bag. Soon you will know that different golf clubs produce different results in chipping and that no two chip shots are the same. Thus, one must first determine the best golf club for the right chipping shot. It is found that a 5-irn club carries the ball further and allows the ball to roll on the ground also to a great extent.

Golf Chipping Style

Always approach your chipping shot with a positive frame of mind. Try to hole your chips as opposed to simply getting them close to the hole. The right chipping set-up also helps. Place the weight on the front foot and the ball must be centrally placed in your stance. Now learn to swing the club away from your arms and shoulders. If your wrists slightly “break” or move apart naturally, then this is perfectly acceptable, but avoid doing it deliberately. As you make the swing the weight of your body must gently move from the right foot to the left and your hands should automatically return to the address position and lead the club face through the impact. Avoid adding extra scoop in the ball as it is likely to send the ball in the air and thin it down.

It has been observed that good players lead the clubface with their hands and this ensures a smooth crisp strike. Also the ball stays low to the ground and rolls in desirable direction this way. Lack of speed also affects the way the ball moves in a chipping shot judi slot. With a short swing, players must attempt to address the ball with an accelerating clubface that smoothly hits the ball. This ensures that the ball is in full control.

For many players, chipping shots on a rough area of grass with longer fringe leads to messy shots! It is because they fail to judge how the ball would move in the longer grass. While giving the chipping shot, avoid trying to run the ball through the long grass unless it is really impossible. You never know hoe the ball would behave in the longer grass and may get simply caught up there. Judge and carry the ball a yard or so on to the green.