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Tutorial On How To Enhance Putting Skills

Tutorial On How To Enhance Putting Skills

Tutorial On How To Enhance Putting Skills

When a golfer spends half of his/her time on the greens while golfing, then he/she is bound to realize that putting contributes 40-50% of the scores and is the greatest equalizer. If one can make excellent driving on the fairways and classic chipping, it would be a shame if he/she can not putt well. But, it is true with most of the golfers that they do not have good putting performance. Joining a golf putting tutorial may be the right answer to the problem of not putting very well. You may joining golf putting tutorials organized by golf clubs and there are several to which one can enroll through the internet.

Tutorial In Putting

Relax the nerves

Almost all tutorials train golfers to first think positively about putting and to relax the muscles. In every golf putting tutorial that you attend, they would tell you that potting is 50% technique and the remaining 50% is how positive the attitude is! Hence, they would advise you to first practice short putts. The next thing to do is to keep recalling the best short putts that you made in a day before retiring to bed. This would boost up the confidence. Putting tutorial classes also tell the golfers how to relax the muscles and learn to focus at the right putting technique.

The next thing that you would learn in a golf putting tutorial is the putting set-up. Putting is not rocket science and the essence is to hit the ball with the gentlest of strokes so that it rolls on the ground, never leaving it and sinking in the putting cup.

Before one addresses the ball:

Read The Putt: When you attend a golf putting tutorial, first take a look as you arrive on the green. Get a general idea of the green, the breaks present if any, the quality of grains and how the green moves behind the ball and also from behind the hole. One should have a full idea of the putting greens by the time one is finished.

Practice Swings: Take some practice swings from behind the ball keeping a steady eye on the hole. Imagine an invisible line that connects the centre of the ball to the putting cup, and also visualize the ball following the path.

Putting Grip: A good golf putting tutorial teaches a golfer the best technique to grip the putter. There are 3 well-known grips as to how to grip the putter. They are: orthodox grip, reverse overlap and the Langer. Whatever option of grip that you choose, remember to hold the putter in a relaxed manner and not too tight nor too loose. If the grip is too tight then, the muscles of the arms would be too stiff and the putting stroke would not come out as a smooth flow. If the grip is too light, then the stroke would not be hard enough. The wrists must also be parallel to each other and there should be no movement of the wrists at all. Instead the putting stroke must only have the hands having a pendulum movement from the shoulders.

Putting Stance: The next thing that you learn in a putting tutorial is the right putting posture which helps you putt well. One must keep the feet firmly on the ground and they must be placed parallel to the imaginary line that connects the ball and the hole. The shoulders must be parallel to that line and one must bend from the hips. The position of the ball is again very important. Some prefer keeping it in the centre of the feet, just a little ahead so that the right stroke can be given. Some pro golfers prefer keeping it very near the left foot or near the right foot. It is better to practice several putts before deciding the best position of the ball.

Eyes must be focused just behind the ball and the putter face must be addressed centrally at it. Always accelerate the putter purposefully through the ball. Keep the club head low to the ground.

Joining a golf putting tutorial is the best form of investment that would help a golfer pull up the best tricks of the game. Good putting tutorials often call professional golfers and experts who can demonstrate the best way of putting right!