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How To Use Golf Putting Guide To Aid In Your Putting

How To Use Golf Putting Guide To Aid In Your Putting

How To Use Golf Putting Guide To Aid In Your Putting

A golf putting guide is a popular putting aid which help golfers take definite aim at the hole or the target that they set their ball to reach during the putting stroke. These putting aids can be attached to the putter face.

What is Putting Guide?

Generally, a red mark creases on the surface of the putting guide which can be then aligned along the target After fitting it into the putter face and aligning along the path of the target, the golfer make a stroke. This guide does not inhibit the movement of the stroke and is very effective in getting the putts right. Caps Putting Guides by CPG Industries are popular golf putting aids.

Newer golf putting guides are being developed which are increasingly being used as training devices in golf. They help the golfers pick up the tricks of golf putting. The latest golf putting aid (which is under the process of being patented) has an upright post which may e detachable secured in the putting green at the place of the ball. That post has a reel at the other end which runs across the green and is detachable secured at the end of the hole. This reel or tape acts like the prefect line or guide for the golfer to practice his/her putting skills. The post is so created that the golfer need not even bend to fix it in the position of the ball.

Golf Putting Guide Books

Several golf putting guide books and tips are available online and also in book stores. They are again replete with tricks of putting well. These putting guides also give an insight on putting aids and tools that can be used for successful golf putting. The most popular putting guide has been written by Frank Thomas called Frankly putting Guide. This book contains tips on how not messes a good style of putting. One of the best tips provided in the book is to fix the eyes immediately behind the ball during and after the stroke, so that there is maximum acceleration through the impact. Caps putting Guide by CPG Industries is again a popular putting guide book. Apart from putting guide books, one can also arrange to read e-guide books on golf and putting from the internet. Putting Genius: guide to putting is a popular e-guide book on golf. It gives an insight on how to putt like a professional.

Whether the information on putting well is from books, training devices or e-books, what matters is that one must understand the technique of putting well. Begin with the simple steps of putting. Read the greens well, grip the putter correctly in the hands so that the wrists are parallel and do not bend. Align the ball correctly against the hole. Address the putter face square at the ball from the back. Remember that your eyes muse be focused on the ball from behind. Using the prefect putting style, give a gentle stroke and watch the ball sink inside the putting cup. These putting guides are just means to let you learn the tricks of putting well.