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Golf Instructions for Beginners – So You Want To Play Golf

Golf Instructions for Beginners - So You Want To Play Golf

Golf Instructions for Beginners - So You Want To Play Golf

You should first make sure you really want to play golf. When you have made a firm decision of playing golf, you may want to know Golf instructions for beginners.

Pure beginners Golf instructions

The first and foremost thing is that you should have the attitude to play and enjoy golf. You should prepare your self for frustration, despondency, thrills, joys, disappointments, etc. you are going to encounter all of these on the golf course.

Golfing Clubs

The golf clubs must be the correct size for you. Too short or too high golf clubs affect a good golf game and it may affect our game in the long run. You may acquire some wrong habits on the golf course and then it will be very difficult to relearn the correct ones. You can take help of golf pro while you make the purchase. You may buy some cheap but good quality clubs. It is not necessary to buy expensive golf clubs at the beginning.


You may need to have a time table that fits around your work and family schedules. This should include your programme for practicing your set up that is essential before each golf game.

This set up includes the procedure to acquire the correct postures and stance. These are the important and basic features of a good game of golf. You should learn the distance your feet need to be apart to allow you comfortably make the club swing motion. This is important as it decides the drive of the ball.


You need to warm up and go through routines you go through before swinging the club. This is important, as this should become second nature to you. This will avoid any injury while you play golf. Your knees, hips, spine, back muscles and your body as whole need to get used to the new game.

Beginner Golf instructions

  • You may have worked out a timetable and purchased golf equipments by reading buying golf clubs information.
  • You may start at the green as it is the best way to start.
  • You should first learn to putt. The putting zone system teaches you the best and is the proven system. It helps to determine distance control.
  • After you learn putting, you should learn chipping and pitching.
  • Once you learn these actions, you can automatically go in for a full swing.
  • Do not go in for straight shots as you may not be successful and get frustrated.
  • As a golfer you should learn to release the club head using wrists.

You may want to contact your local golf course or country club and inquire about the beginners golf instructions.