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Golf Grip Tips – Steps To A Better Grip

Golf Grip Tips - Steps To A Better Grip

Golf Grip Tips - Steps To A Better Grip

A proper golf grip is the key for good golf swing – it is your grip of the club through which you control the club, shift the power to the ball and even absorb the impact of the hit. If your grip is wrong, you are most likely to have Golf Slice shot or a miss hit that will spoil your game. If you want to hit the ball to the right place and correct golf slice, a perfect grip is the most essential thing. Gripping of the club that is the basic part of learning the game is a key element in shot making. It helps to hold the golf club steady, make a perfect Golf Swing and also to hit the ball with the middle of the golf club face or the sweet spot. The result is a perfect swing and good shot with great carry. But unfortunately most amateur golfers and the newbie to the game ignore this aspect of golf. To help you have a proper grip, here we are presenting some golf grip tips that will actually help you get the grip that is right.

Hold the top of the club with your right hand and let your left hand hang from the shoulder naturally. The left hand should actually turn slightly inward and bend towards your body to hold the grip. Place the left hand over the grip in a way so that the shaft of the club runs diagonally from the palm of your hand.

Close the fingers of both the hands on the grip and hold the Golf Club shaft with a balanced grip. Place the thumb finger on top of the grip and place it slightly to right of the center. Do not push the fingers too far down the grip as that will cause problem to your downswing. The thumb and index finger of the right hand should hold the grip like a trigger so that you can have optimum control over your grip.

Most of the new golfers have the tendency to hold the golf club either with a soft or a tight grip but both these grips are wrong. Your grip should be tight enough to hold the club but not so tight that you will actually grab the grip. Your golf grip should be moderate and you should put in maximum pressure through the first two fingers and the palm of both the hands

These are just a few basic golf grip tips that will surely help you to hold the grip properly. Practice these basic tips on grip and take a few shots. It might be possible that you will have to make some changes to grip the traditional style of gripping the club. But make sure that you are comfortable with the grip and can take flawless shots with that grip. It is also a great idea to seek some golf grip tips from the professionals and veteran golfers if you actually need to modify the grip to suit your style and swing. What ever you do make sure you perfect the basic golf grip first and then try to modify it accordingly.