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Golf Chipping Drills for Every Situation

Golf Chipping Drills for Every Situation

Golf Chipping Drills for Every Situation

One of the better ways to shave off few strokes in your game is to improve your chipping game. The problem is this that with the availability of huge amount of information on the internet, a person often gets confused which one to go for. One of the ways to deal with this problem is to blindly try them all and see which one works for you. The other way is to try only those that have worked for others. Apart from all these information, there are lots of golf chipping drills which a golfer can try.

For playing any game you must always stick to the basics and hence it applies for golf also. A good and sound chipping technique can save you over 10 shots in a round. So, in order to have a good chipping technique you must always follow the basic fundamentals of the game. If you have a sound understanding of all the basics you will soon become a lot more confident around the green.

Some of the basic golf chipping drills that can prove very handy for you are as follows:

  • Club-Less Swing – For having consistent chip shot this drill can be very helpful since it encourages passive hands. Without a golf club take your chipping stance, place your palm together, and point your finger tips away from your target. Now swing your arms back and froth as if you were chipping while maintaining the angle created by your wrists.
  • One Handed Drill – Take your chipping stance with a club in hand. Now put your bottom hand behind your back. With the one hand, try to swing the golf clubs in a straight line as much as you can. Start doing this drill without a ball first and then you can try with the ball as well. This drill helps in getting a flat wrist in the target line.
  • Pencil Chipping Drill – This drill can be very handy for golfers who have the tendency of flipping their chips or often ends up with thin chip shot. For this drill all you need is a pencil and a wristband. Now place the pencil in your wrist band so that it covers the back of wrist from lower forearm to the back of your hand. Now try to practice hitting chip shot, if you flip after impact, the pencil will pinch into the back of your hand.
  • Chipping Triangle – For a solid chip shot consistency is the main thing. When you are going for a chip shot try to make the triangle with your arms and shoulders. Try to maintain this triangle throughout your swing. With the correct practicing of this chipping drill you will definitely forget about skulling, chunking and shanking your chips entirely.
  • Target Practice – Set up a target in your lawn and try to land the ball near the target. Practice your chipping shot to improve the distance control in your shots. This drill is something that you can practice in your backyard. Try to practice this drill with all the golf clubs in your bag.

Perfect golf chipping drills are one that can cut some strokes off your game. You can try the above golf drills to see which one works for you.