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Different Golf Chipping Wedges

Different Golf Chipping Wedges

Different Golf Chipping Wedges

A golf chipping wedge is an important friend of a golfer because even for beginners just two wedges will get the job done. A pitching wedge is a handy golf club that allows you to play not only the shots that the name suggests but also lets you play the little chips from around the green. Then the other golf chipping wedge is the one that plays the bunker shots well. It is the sand wedge. With a sand wedge, you can play the bunker shots with complete ease, just like the pitching wedges are ideal if there is a tree in between.

Chipping Wedges In Golf

As a beginner you will find that you have a range of irons and wedges in your golf bag. Each wedge is designed in such a way that the impact is different and preferably as desired by the golfer. The different uses of pitching wedges and sand wedges have been mentioned earlier. Similarly a very popular wedge in golf is the “lob wedge” that can be useful for he golfers who would rather hit a full shot as often as possible. Thus, a golfer soon realizes that it is all a matter of choosing the right golf chipping wedges or club or iron to perform well in the game of golf.

Chipping Grip With Chipping Wedges

One must grip the wedge with an orthodox grip, so that you have complete control of the height and distance that the ball travels. You may use the sand wedge or a lob wedge if the aim of the pitching shot is that the ball travels high but stops quickly. At that time one need not go for a pitching wedge.

The right gripping technique in the case of a chipping wedge, is first to hold the club gently. Do not be tensed because the tension would not let your arms swing easily. The arms must be relaxed and the swing gentle and with the right judgment. Also make sure you have the full follow-through.

When hitting a wedge shot, ensure that your stance is fairly narrow. Aim your feet a fraction left of the target to give yourself room to swing the club through an impact. Swing at the normal speed even if the shot is short-range. Avoid shifting the weight of the body to fall on your back foot as you hit the ball. Let the loft of the clubface lift the ball and continue to keep your weight on the left foot itself.

Different Golf Chipping Wedges

In your golf bag, you might wonder the utility of the different kinds of chipping wedges and clubs. The angle of the foot of the clubs makes all the difference. The ratio of “carry and roll” is different with different clubs. A sand wedge carries the ball 90% and lets it roll for the rest of the time. The pitching wedge has 80% carry and 20% roll affect on the ball. A 9-iron has 70% carry and 30% roll, 9-irn 60% carry and 40% roll, 8-iron has 60% carry and 40% roll, 5-iron has 30% carry and 70% roll, 4-iron has 20% carry and 80% roll and 3 iron has 10% carry and 90% roll.

Thus, a wise decision would be to practice various chipping techniques with all the chipping wedges and then observe the best wedge or club to choose from. When playing a chip shot with a golf chipping wedge, aim to get the ball on the green and rolling towards the hole as soon as possible. Use a suitable wedge so that the ball does not get stuck in the rough or longer grass. How the ball would behave then can not be guaranteed at that time.